Jaxon Mattison Consulting is committed to providing our clients with best-in-class, value added, and innovative consulting service solutions.

Emergency Management & Incident Response

Preparation for disasters, emergencies, and crises is paramount to any organization, government, or family.  JaxMatt’s Emergency and Crisis Management solutions apply best practices leveraged from our experience in domestic/foreign government and public/private sector settings.  Our goal is to provide clients with solutions that allow for optimal planning, response, and recovery from unwanted all-hazard incidents.

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Maritime Consulting

JaxMatt has extensive experience in the maritime domain.  Our solutions are rooted in the operational experience of our staff that has served international and domestic clients in both the public and private industry settings.  JaxMatt is committed to tailoring maritime consulting solutions for each client so the most effective return on investment is realized.   

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Security Solutions

JaxMatt offers subject matter experts in multiple security disciplines to identify gaps and recommend cost-effective solutions for easy implementation.  Our security posture is to build long-term organic capability for our clients to effectively run their business or organization.

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Training & Education

JaxMatt has a wealth of experience designing curriculum, piloting new courses, instructing and evaluating course value. Carefully outlining the objectives of the customer, our staff produces learning opportunities fit for the adult learner. Our deliveries are multimedia, engaging, and interactive to provide a true learning experience. We pride ourselves on instructing subject matter, which we have experienced first hand. Our training solutions are designed to specifically meet the needs and requirements of the end user.

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